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IT problems don’t just P you off, they’re costing your company big bucks.

We’ve all lived the nightmares when our computer freezes or we can’t access the server to get the file we desperately need.

It’s obvious that issue-prone IT causes not just frustration but also costs productivity. But did you know that productivity cost has been estimated at $3,456 per year, per employee in lost productivity on average*.

Getting on top of IT issues looks like a cost, but this puts it in perspective, right?

Why not download the document below and use it to talk to your manager about how smooth-running IT isn’t just important to staff satisfaction, it’s good bottom-line business sense.

Ask us about our preventative IT health methodology

You might prefer to contact us at Centrix to find out about our proactive approach to solving the IT nightmare; we can come in and provide a situational assessment of your current IT infrastructure, as well as recommending the right approach to support. Our report provides an IT risk profile based on an overview of potential failure points, identifies growth constraints in your current IT, suggests appropriate levels of proactive maintenance and recommends a suitable support structure.

We work with lots of medium sized businesses and our clients love our service http://www.centrix.com.au/why-centrix/testimonials/ One of the Centrix differences is we like to spend time on-site solving your IT nightmares before they even occur.